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Dig For Victory Covid19 Edition

Dig For Victory Covid19 Edition



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As a result of postponed workshop activity and a period of self isolation this week, I have had time to update a document published in 1941. The original is often described as the most important document in British gardening. Why the update, and why now?

Figures released by Nielsen, the market data provider, last week showed that shoppers bought an extra £1.9bn of groceries and personal goods in the four weeks ending March 21. The rise in panic buying has stretched retailer supply chains. Pictures of empty shelves at UK supermarkets continue to spark concern about food shortages.

The Coronavirus pandemic has awakened fear about the security and strength of the hugely complicated supply chains that modern societies depend on.

The retailers remain confident that shopping patterns will return to normal eventually, but as the current global situation continues to evolve, I find solace in being in control of something, however small. In this case, a steady supply of vegetables and salad into our family diet…


Dig For Victory poster download link

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