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Specification, nutrition, food information regulation (FIR), pack copy and translation services.

In the UK, all food businesses have a responsibility to ensure the labelling on their products is relevant, legally compliant and safe.

Our expert consultants assess your food labels to ensure they meet UK and EU legislation.

labelcheck projects are turned around within 48 hours of receipt and specification* typically completed within 72 hours.

*With our ability to check retailer generated packaging brandprintcolour™ can help you avoid expensive packaging errors and product launch delays. We have expertise on the majority of retailer portals including FIND, TTL, Inspire, WRspec, Hive, Mcreate, ICEhub, Enterprise, C0-operative Core, Hamilton Grant, NSF Portico and Creation.

Front of Pack (FoP) nutrition label



Our most popular service. We check that your product label contains the mandatory information that is required under the Food Information for Consumers regulation (EU)1169/2011.

This includes checking the ingredients list, allergens, nutrition information and other mandatory information including pack layout. We provide guidance and steering for health and nutrition claims, and offer a translation service into other languages from English text should you require.

We generate a labelcheck report for each product detailing amendments that may be required and offer suggestions where appropriate for ‘tweaks’ based on expertise.

Food labelling regulations are often complicated and difficult to interpret, and ensuring your food labels meet standards in the UK, EU and beyond presents a significant challenge. Our established network of experts remain up to date across international food laws and regulation so you dont have to.

A product that is recalled due to an incorrect or non-compliant label will not only be expensive for your business, but damaging to your brand.

Our labelcheck service ensures your product is fully compliant with FIR regulations.

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When Britain transitioned out of the EU in January 2021 a host of labelling changes came into force affecting goods for sale in the UK as well as for export. We work with you to stay in front of these changes to avoid unnecessary additional packaging updates and pre press costs.


Design Services

Front of Pack (FoP) nutrition label

We work with you to develop your on pack messaging, creating icons, logo’s, GDA panels and label content to elevate your brand proposition.

Specification and Pack Copy


A Product specification is key to accurate artworking and right first time delivery of your packaging to market.

We work with you to provide a validated spec. for use by nominated artwork and pre press providers and work regularly with the majority of online portals* to expedite processing.

*FIND, TTL, Inspire, WRspec, Hive, MCreate, ICEhub, Enterprise, Co-operative Core, Hamilton Grant, NSF Portico, Creation.

We are used to the time pressures involved in this process and from receipt of relevant information to delivery of a finished spec. is typically under 72hrs.

You have developed an amazing product, now its time to complement this with great pack copy and an accurate and detailed specification to avoid costly delays and missed opportunities.

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Imported Products

Legislation introduced in 2014 requires all food products imported from outside of the EU to comply with EU Food Information Regulations (FIR).

This legislation is designed to help consumers make an informed choice when purchasing food products.

To ensure your product and packaging is permitted for sale we undertake a full review of ingredients, additives and nutritional information.

In addition we also examine allergens, text, health and nutritional claims, quantity and COO statements to ensure total FIR compliance.


Advertising has recently been included in the scope of the Food Information Regulations under fair information practices.

UK legislation states that food information, advertising and product presentation cannot be misleading to a consumer and should always be clear, accurate and easy to understand.

To ensure compliance our experts  provide a detailed analysis of your material* before release into the public domain, reporting on any key issues and suggesting alternatives where appropriate.

*advertising material refers to all types of direct marketing, media advertising and websites.


The success of a product in another country can depend entirely on the information and language displayed on its labelling.

We can translate languages using our talented network of expert language professionals and work with you to ensure your labels are compliant and considerate of local cultures.

  • Paul worked with us on a consultative basis and has been instrumental in shaping the packaging strategy for the whole business, focusing on reducing plastics throughout our supply chain. Paul worked with key staff within the business and was able to successfully coach our commercial team to develop their interactions with key retail customers and his approach has brought a new level of insight and expertise.
    Flamingo.netZeri James, Group HR Director
  • Paul was a pleasure to work with. No question was too niche, and his answers were backed by thorough research and further feedback. We would happily work together again in the future.
    Jon Kallus
    Jon KallusFounder, Joe Projects
  • It was a pleasure to work with Paul for the initial launch of Pursu in accredited home compostable packaging. Paul has in depth knowledge of packaging and print and was able to articulate technical packaging process' in simple terms and help deliver a fantastic result.
    Sanjay Soni
    Sanjay SoniFounder, Pursu
  • I worked with Paul on a very complex project regarding the home compostable packaging of our biscuit bags. In a project with so many hurdles, the best thing about Paul was he was solution oriented, without compromising any quality. it was really great working with him.
    Siddhi Mehta
    Siddhi MehtaFounder, Rhythm 108