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  • Explore the potential of sustainable packaging

    by paulhorton
  • rude homegrown carrot

    Dig for Victory | COVID19 Edition

    by paulhorton
  • Brobygrafiska

    Brobygrafiska: 2020 Flexo Masterclass EVENT

    Welcome to Flexo Masterclass 2020 Do you want to achieve a higher level of outstanding performance within flexographic printing? Brobygrafiska,…

    by paulhorton
  • FlexoTech round table discussion

    Quality vs margins

    At a roundtable event in London FlexoTech spoke to a group of flexo print professionals about how they balance producing…

    by paulhorton
  • boy looking at a fire

    If the house is on fire…

    A former colleague once shared with me the fabulous metaphor: “If the house is on fire, there is no point in…

    by paulhorton