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Our Mission

We help brand owners, printers, designers and agencies realise their packaging potential.

As consumer awareness grows, brands are starting to recognise the impact environmental footprint can have on product success.

Through our sustential™️ programme we provide sustainable packaging expertise. We specialise in the creation and refinement of your plastic and environmental strategy*,  support with packaging evolution, procurement and supply and the delivery of workshops to engage and educate your team.

Through our pactential™ programme we help you embed packaging provenance and authenticity, we ensure your packaging creates distinctive visual and sensorial brand assets delivered to market right first time.

For the broader business community we introduce sustainable business management, debunk myths and provide strategic ESG direction as we buildbackbetter.

*considerate of waste hierarchy, circularity, PRNs, plastic tax, EPR reforms, recycling infrastructure, EU and .GOV legislation and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Founder Bio

Paul Horton is an award winning independent print & packaging consultant on a mission to help brand owners, agencies & printers realise their packaging potential.

Paul Horton HeadshotGraduating with a BA (Hons) in Industrial Design and PGCert in Product Design Strategy and Digital Prototyping Paul held a variety of creative roles before arriving in the packaging sector. With a designers appreciation of form and function his love for it was instant.

Honing his craft over 20 years in a variety of creative, technical and senior packaging roles spanning the UK, Europe and Australasia.

Working for some of the worlds leading packaging companies developing innovative print and packaging solutions for iconic brands including PepsiCo, Nestlé, Müller, Warburtons and M&S, bridging the gap between client and printer and bringing products to life on shelf harnessing the latest technologies.

Highly skilled in strategy, ideation, print innovation, sustainable business management, pre press, workflows and automation, flexible packaging, colour management, brand guardianship, NLP, process mapping and the development, commercialisation and industrialisation of new products.

Highlights during Pauls career include being the first wide web flexible printer in the UK to be awarded ESKO HD Certification, sharing expertise as keynote speaker at various workshops and events around the world and a myriad of awards spanning over a decade for ‘technical innovation’ and ‘print quality’.

CISL        Associate Member of OPRL   

Cutting Edge Projects

EN13432 TUV HOME Compostable Plastic Free Trustmark Packs
Sensorial | Haptic | Tactile Print
Fixed Colour Palette (FCP) Printer Pilot

Instrumental in the development, promotion and market uptake of fixed colour palette (FCP) in the UK and transition into flexo from gravure for a host of recognised household brands.

Paul held a senior role in the team which led the pilot and rollout of cloud based colour management for several leading retailers and the industrialisation of a no. of sensorial print effects to enhance shelf appeal.

In his previous role at Parkside Paul led the studio team across UK & Asia, supporting NPD and operations with expertise, with a forensic approach to the development of print, process improvement and innovative and sustainable packaging solutions centred around the consumer*

” Last year I setup brandprintcolour™️. A consultancy focused on helping you realise your packaging potential.

Having been at the forefront of the packaging industry for approaching two decades and embedded in print and sustainable packaging innovation (prior to Blue Planet being aired and Greta Thunberg taking to the steps of the Swedish Parliament) I felt it was time to share…

Helping brands navigate the packaging landscape, supporting the delivery of product to market right first time, and developing and refining your sustainable packaging strategy,

Upskilling printer teams through training and workshop activity, optimising press make ready and increasing OEE,  improving print and colour control and consistency,

and for the broader business community introducing sustainable business management, developing plastic and environmental strategies, supporting ideation and providing strategic guidance,

all underpinned by best practise and the guiding principal “if you measure it, you can control it”

*holding a pivotal role in the development and succesful launch of  ‘world first’ home compostable packs for Percol Coffee featuring EN13432 TUV accreditation and the ‘Plastic Free’ Trustmark and Two Farmers Crisps for their first to market accredited home compostable crisp pack.

STEM Ambassador

STEM Ambassador

Through membership of the BPIF Founders4Schools and STEM Ambassador initiatives brandprintcolour™ is fortunate to be able to connect with Generation Z and inspire the next generation of print and packaging professionals.

” Paul is an enigma “ – I recall my form tutor saying to my parents during one parents evening many years ago. ” on one day he could achieve an A, on another well… ” Something which still resonates and played a part in propelling me forward (with a bit of a kick from home) to avoid the… and then Uni and then a Masters, well 1/2 a masters and then poached off the course and into the big wide world following my passion for design and technology.

Pilot, Astronaut, Packaging…*

*The packaging sector is a key contributor to the UK economy often outperforming the FTSE 100 and set to be a trillion dollar industry (globally) by 2020.

Source: Smithers PIRA

  • Paul worked with us on a consultative basis and has been instrumental in shaping the packaging strategy for the whole business, focusing on reducing plastics throughout our supply chain. Paul worked with key staff within the business and was able to successfully coach our commercial team to develop their interactions with key retail customers and his approach has brought a new level of insight and expertise.
    Flamingo.netZeri James, Group HR Director
  • Paul was a pleasure to work with. No question was too niche, and his answers were backed by thorough research and further feedback. We would happily work together again in the future.
    Jon Kallus
    Jon KallusFounder, Joe Projects
  • It was a pleasure to work with Paul for the initial launch of Pursu in accredited home compostable packaging. Paul has in depth knowledge of packaging and print and was able to articulate technical packaging process' in simple terms and help deliver a fantastic result.
    Sanjay Soni
    Sanjay SoniFounder, Pursu
  • I worked with Paul on a very complex project regarding the home compostable packaging of our biscuit bags. In a project with so many hurdles, the best thing about Paul was he was solution oriented, without compromising any quality. it was really great working with him.
    Siddhi Mehta
    Siddhi MehtaFounder, Rhythm 108